Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Makeup Redux

Well I decided to play with the makeup again after watching a few contouring tutorials.  It worked out a little better this time.

After looking at the photos I can tell i need to go back and blend a couple of spots better but it is definitely better than last time.  I may actually get the hang of this yet.... it only too me two  I am also thinking I need to rethink my choice of eye shadow color.

I also tried out one of those bun making tools.  Seems to be working.  It will take some practice to get it done well, especially with hair the length of mine.

Nice to have my hair up off of my neck anyway.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Jeepers Creepers!

Today I was puttering around at the computer and I saw that Davy had left his camera out.  I uploaded his photos for him (he doesn't know how) and thought it would be fun to take a selfie.  Just goofin around.  My first reaction was Yikes!  I look like dookie.    (Also please ignore the stuff in the background.  This is upstairs in our "attic" area.)

So I decided that I needed to put on some makeup.

It got worse.....

... ... ... 

... ... ... 

... ... ... 


Properly horrified, I ran down stairs and washed that crap off, and tried just some mascara, eye liner, and a nude colored lip pencil.

The first thing I learned is that I need to REMEMBER to smile....I literally forget when I am taking the picture because I am trying to remember how to work the camera.

Second lesson learned....

 Take photo from slightly above to lessen the visibility of the double chin.

I also think I like the pictures with the glasses more than the ones without.

Lastly what the hell is up with the hair.  In the above ones I have it tied back with a scrunchie and there is all this wispy, wiry shit flying off everywhere.  The hair needs help.  I am thinking it may need professional help at this point.

I especially like this shot.  I look like I have a rooster comb  :\

I tried letting it down.  Believe it or not these are after bending over forward and fluffing up my hair.  Other than the wispy shit there is no volume whatsoever.

I not sure what to do with the hair.  I have grown it out so long that it reaches my backside now.  Cutting it seems scary but, something has to happen.

This fall Sammy starts 6th grade and will be able to ride the bus to and from school.  (Can't do it now because he goes to a campus that is out of our geographical "pyramid".)  With both boys having bus service I can start looking for work.  I am coming to realize that I should probably not look like crap if I want to find a decent office job.  Not looking like crap is easier said than done I am discovering.

Friday, April 10, 2015

♪♫♪♫Just Keep Swimming, Swimming Swimming♪♫♪♫

Well, I am back on the diet and exercise wagon.  Had a decent loss of about 3 pounds last week.  This week I kept up with keeping my calories in target range, went to the gym and gave it my best effort, and gained 1.6 pounds back.

The frustration is palpable in the air around me right now.  Why!  No this isn't a plateau... one doesn't plateau after only two weeks of dieting.  I am pretty sure three sets of eight reps of any of what I did at the gym is not going to put a pound of muscle on me.  I am so effing P.O.'ed at my body right now!

All I can do is keep going.  I must, in the immortal words of Dory the Blue Tang fish from "Finding Nemo", keep on swimming, swimming, swimming.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Two Are Now One

I found the way to join the two blogs into one, after I went to the trouble of copying ALL of both blogs into a third one.   I will be doing a little clean up on this blog now.  Weeding out some posts and such. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

February 14, 2015

Nothing from my husband for Valentines day for the second year in a row.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Stench

There has been a stench in my kitchen the last couple of days.  Just a whiff here and there.  Until today that is today it morphed into something that smelled like someone had walked into my kitchen taken a crap, vomited on it and then made my dog pee on it. 

I blamed my laziness with the dishes and had Sammy fill the dishwasher. (One of his assigned chores now that he is big and understands how to get it done right.) After he got the dishwasher filled I proceed to give all the leftover dishes a thorough cold water scrub-down.

The Stench remains.

It must be the dirty sink.  Sink gets a scrub-down.

The Stench remains.

Garbage disposal?

I throw a dishwasher pod down the disposal and chase it with dish soap and clorox clean up.

The. Stench. Remains.

I am starting to think I have a sewer gas problem that is going to require the plumber, when I happen to catch sight of a bit of brown liquid coming from under my potato basket.


Potatoes are now out. Counter is scrubbed.   And the stench is fading.

Note: I was going to say that the stench must be what Satan's taint itself smells like, and include some kind of cartoon of a bent over Beelzebub, but you would be surprised how disappointingly tame the search results for Satan's taint, Devil's taint, and bent over Beelzebub are.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fort Worth Homeowners on Edge

Last night on the news it was announced that The Dreamvision Company is planning on building a 5000 (yes five thousand ) acre amusement park here in Fort Worth.  I did a property data search on them and came up with 0 (zero) acres of land owned by them.  That means that those 5000 acres are coming from some of us out here in Tarrant county.  They are announcing where the park is going on Monday, February 9th.  I don't think my area could be included.  We are bounded within a triangle between two railroads on the northwest and northeast with the interstate on the south.  I think that those would pose too much of an obstacle.  But it still makes me nervous as hell, for others as well as myself.  Expect to see the tax values of the properties in the chosen area to fall precipitously this spring so the developer can snatch them up cheap.  The homeowner is always the one to get screwed in these things.