Friday, October 16, 2015

October 16, 2015

I thought that exercise was supposed to make you feel better.  I started back at the tread mill at the gym yesterday.  Nothing hurts but I just feel so funked out today.  No good reason too feel funked out.  Just am.
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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mid October Update 2015

The end of September saw an event called the Super Blood Moon.  It was the coincidence of a Super Moon [A Supermoon is a full Moon or a new Moon at its closest point to Earth; also called perigee. A Supermoon looks around 12 to 14% bigger than its counterpart, the Micromoon.  --from ] and a Lunar Eclipse, which turns the moon very red, hence the "blood".

Many people got stunning images of it.

I was not one of those people, as you can see.

We did have a nice night out enjoying the cool evening and some star gazing.  For me the most interesting sight of the night wasn't the eclipse but instead a satellite.  One of the astronomy hobbyists said the phenomenon I was seeing was called an Iridium flare.  [In skywatching circles, the Iridium satellites stand apart because their flat, shiny, door-size antenna arrays (three per spacecraft) periodically reflect sunlight toward the ground, causing brief (seconds-long) but brilliant flares that can momentarily reach an apparent magnitude of –8 — outshining the planet Venus. What's more, these flares are predictable, thanks to the satellites' publicly available orbital elements and to software and Web sites that satellite-watching aficionados have made available free of charge. -- from ]  The website in the link shows a gif of an Iridium flare.  The one we saw completely disappeared from view to the naked eye and then a few moments later would flash and then shrink down and disappear again. It made me wonder if some of the tales of seeing a brightly lit object that sped out of site could be attributed to Iridium flares.

I did learn that I need a tripod to take decent pictures with my low light setting.  Just the slightest movement translates in to significant blurring.  I did get a couple of decent shots of the boys that night though.

I really like this picture.  Ryan moved as the camera was shooting and it caught him twice making a ghost of him.  I would like to learn how to duplicate this effect.

The next weekend Sammy and I went out to Lake Mineral Wells State Park again.  We did some hiking in Penitentiary Hollow and the fishing trail that leads to it.  Very rocky stuff.

We started out from the picnic area and down some stairs that Jeff and I had found on a previous outing.  They aren't the steps you get to from the trailhead with the sign.  They are down further south, between two picnic spaces and, across from the restrooms.  We hiked up and down through the rocks and woods in a roughly north direction until we found part of the red blazed trail to a fishing pier.  We followed that to the pier and checked out the view from there and headed back into Penitentiary Hollow were there were numerous young rock climbers out exercising their hobby.  We went back up the main stairs to the Hollow and that is when I took a step that I immediately knew I was going to be paying for the rest of the week.  It's been a full week now and I am still feeling it.  Nothing too bad this time though.  Just sore.  It's got me a little limpy but that is about it.  After hiking I was really wiped out and exhausted so we went down to the park store and got some cold drinks and then tried some fishing.  No bites but a couple of folks gave us left over worms after they got through.  Still no bites and I now had three boxes of worms to figure out something to do with.

The next day, a Monday, I headed out alone to Cleburne State Park outside of Cleburne, Texas.  I didn't take any pictures of this trip.  I just wanted to go fishing by myself.  I caught and released three palm sized perch.  Mostly I just drowned worms.

 Last night Sammy and I went out to the Star Party at the new, as yet unopened, Palo Pinto Mountain State Park.

They had a little area set up for folks to bring out telescopes and observe different celestial bodies.  The idea of these TPWD star parties is that folks that have telescopes come out to the park and set up and let folks without telescopes view things through them. 

It gets those, like my family, a chance to see things we don't normally have a chance to and allows a venue for astronomy hobbyists to nerd out and have a good time talkin' shop.  There was also a guy with a solar scope so that we could look at the sun and see the prominences and filaments.  We also got to see Saturn, Andomeda, a cluster, and a ring nebula.   I was happy to just have a chance to sit back and see a starry sky again.  I have been living in the city for almost ten years now.  A starry sky is something you don't really see around here.  We met up with our friends Ren and Scott Fridenburg from Stitch'nTravel blog and had a lovely evening sky watching and sharing candied apples.

The site was so nice and I think this is going to be a fantastic park when it is completed.  Sammy and I plan to hike to the top of the biggest hill we saw last night once they open.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Beginning of October 2015

The itchy rash on my back has returned. I see the dermatologist on the 8th.

I have come to the conclusion that I can either be thin or be happy but, not both.  The My Fitness Pal site did help me lose a few pounds but, I have figured out that I have to religiously track every damn thing that goes in my mouth to do it.  It got me frustrated, angry, and depressed.  I couldn't stand to cook for my family because at the end of the day I was having to try and think of what I could cook that I could eat as well.  I missed baking.  I can't bake for the family and leave it alone.  I am just not wired for it. 

So I choose happy;  as happy as I can be while fat.  I won't wait for happy to come along after I lose weight. I am going to just enjoy what I can when I can.  So what if I can't hike as far as other people can.  I will go as far as I can and be thankful I got that far.  So I have to swim in shorts and a tee shirt; less sunburn that way anyway!  And, being fat, I float like a BOSS!

I will order clothes off the internet and have fun doing it.  I will enjoy makeup when I want to.  I will do my nails as I wish or wish not to.

I will play with my kids and go out with my friends.

I will eat, drink, exercise, play and be merry as I damn well please.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Where did I leave off.....

It is now approaching the middle of September 2015.  It has been an eventful few weeks since my last post.   

On July 31 Jeff brought home a kitten that he had found on a job site.

We had her all checked out and tested and she tested clear of feline leukemia, feline HIV and ringworm.  Around the 20th of August, about a week after the ringworm test came back negative, we discovered in grand fashion that it was wrong.  Sammy, Jeff, Hops the dog, Ember the cat, Elise the kitten and I all broke out in ringworm lesions.  Ember the cat and I getting the worst of it.  Not only did I break out with three ringworm lesions, I also had a yeast infection and the result of the two at the same time was for my body to break out in hives all over my torso and arms.  I tried to clear it up with over the counter medicine but had no success, so I headed to the doctor.  She discovered the two infections (I thought it was ringworm all over) and prescribed me 5 days of a medicine that usually clears up a yeast infection in one day.  Apparently ringworm is tough stuff so she wanted to make sure it was good and dead.  It helped some but after the 5 days were up I was still itching like mad. I called her office on Friday before Labor Day and didn't get a call back.  I got the answering service and they got a message through to the doctor who prescribed some antihistamines for the itching.  They helped a lot but they are really powerful and make me drowsy so, I can only take them when I don't have to drive anywhere.  We have gotten the cats treated and have had them isolated and have treated the dog.  Tomorrow is the cats last treatment and they come out of isolation tomorrow.  All the people are clearing up or have cleared up.  I am still itching but clear of lesions.  I have a dermatologist appointment in October to find out more.

During the above time right about the same time the ringworm showed up I got some sort of stomach bug and spent a day feverish, nauseated and, with diarrhea.  Last Tuesday Sammy had it and now Jeff has had it since Friday night.  On top of the sore back he has from throwing his back out on Tuesday.

Friday night a "cold front" came through and dropped the temperatures down to something bearable.  Sammy was having some major cabin fever so I took him out to our favorite State Park, Lake Mineral Wells.  In the office as I paid the bill I overheard a coversation about a little spot that an old man was looking for.  He described a seating area made of stone with a stone table in the middle.  The park employee and I thought he was talking about the one at Shelter #3 pictured below.

Mineral Wells Screened Shelter #3
Photo by Dannybwoods on Panoramino.  I found this on Google Earth.

It wasn't the right one.  The old man was describing a completely different area of the park.  That is when a State Police officer/Park Ranger spoke up and said he knew the spot and would take us all to go see it, so off we went following the Ranger.

The spot was a little off the beaten path and for a reason the Ranger told us.  They no longer maintain the path to the spot.  The park doesn't mind if you use it but they want you to have to find it, in order to preserve it.  The one pictured above has been carved into and graffitied.  They don't want that happening to this one.  That is why I am not telling where it is.  I do have photos to prove we were there.

The old man who had been looking for it was happy to share the finding it with Sammy and me.  He said that it meant that a new generation would know it was there.

 After that we ate our lunch and headed to the beach to swim.

It was the perfect day for swimming.  Not too hot so the water wasn't nasty warm.  Not too cold so it wasn't chilling to get into.  Just warm enough that you didn't shiver too much when you got out.  The air smelled great, kind of like patchouli,  earthy like dirt and green like plants.  It was gorgeous.  The day got cut short though because shortly after taking these pictures of Sammy as he played after I left the water, my stomach started rockin' and rollin'.  I wasn't sure if it was just being too warm after eating lunch or if it was a warning shot for whatever was making Jeff so sick this weekend.  We stopped off at the park store, got some drinks, a patch and a pin before heading home.

The new pin is on the hat.  It is a similar design to the patch.  The old pin is on the table.  The new design does better depict the parks offerings.

I spent the rest of the evening watching the Texas A&M game and getting many touchdown kisses, although not as hearty ones as usual on gameday since Jeff isn't feeling well.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Still hobbling along

I was looking back over some old posts and I saw the one Hobbelong Cassidy.  A very short update on that.  I am still hobbling along.  I have seen an Orthopedist and have been informed I have mild arthritis in that knee.  It was really riled up when I went in so she gave me a shot in the knee to clear up the inflammation.  It seems to have worked and as long as I keep on top of things with ibuprofen and Osteo-Bi-Flex and some turmeric I seem to not have too much problem.

And on that course I need to get up from this computer and get moving before I seize up like a rusty engine.

Summer Vacation is Almost Over Again

Well it is now mid August 2015.  School starts on the 24th.  Ryan will be starting his sophomore year of high school and Sammy is moving on from elementary school to the 6th grade center,  a whole new world for him.

This summer Ryan had to take summer school since he failed English class.  Looks like he passed as freshman English wasn't on his schedule.  He has spent the summer playing xbox and avoiding the rest of the family as much as he can by staying up late and sleeping in until noon or later.

Sammy and I went to Galveston for a couple of days this summer.  It was to make up for him not going on the class trip to San Antonio and Austin.  He has trouble dealing with crowds and hectic schedules so that trip would have been total sensory overload for him.  I am pretty sure I feel worse about him not going with the class than he does. 

He and I had a good time in Galveston.  We stayed at a little motel on the industrial (Harborside) side of town.  It was nothing fancy but it sure did smell fantastic.  We saw Moody Gardens Aquarium,  the Offshore Oil Rig museum, took a harbor site seeing and dolphin watch tour, rode the Bolivar Ferry boats and saw Bolivar lighthouse,  swam at Galveston Island State park twice, ate a marvelous dinner at Fisherman's Wharf, and watched the sunrise over the ocean out on the east end of the island.  On the way home we squeezed in a last minute trip to see the new Mammoth Site National Monument in Waco.  It is an paleontological dig outside of Waco.  There was a landslide that overtook a herd of mammoths and other animals thousands of years ago leaving behind some impressive fossilized remains.  Sammy got a stuffed mammoth at the gift shop.

Today is Davy day so we will be going out to pick up Davy and take him to lunch.  Sounds like today will be CiCi's Pizza.

About a week ago Jeff brought home a new kitten.  She is solid black and a feisty handfull, and not much bigger than a handfull.  We have named her Elise but, we mostly call her Leesy Kitty.

I have managed to lose some weight this year but it is slow going.  I have a hard time resisting the urge to eat out of boredom or for the pleasure of tasting things. I haven't been going to the gym like I should.  I may put out a search for a gym partner to meet with there.  Maybe I would enjoy it more and feel more motivated if I had a friend to go with.  Even someplace as chill as Planet Fitness can seem intimidating when I'm by my lonesome.

I am also dealing with some conflicting emotions lately.  I am missing hanging out with friends of mine while at the same time not wanting to socialize with anyone.  It makes absolutely no sense to me how I can feel both of those things at the same time.

To anyone that might be reading this, I apologize for it being so disjointed and it's staccato reading.  I haven't been writing much at all lately.  Facebook has been a killer on writing.  I have even gotten to the point of replying to posts with emojis and memes instead of words.  This is me trying to get back on the horse.  We'll see what happens.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Makeup Redux

Well I decided to play with the makeup again after watching a few contouring tutorials.  It worked out a little better this time.

After looking at the photos I can tell i need to go back and blend a couple of spots better but it is definitely better than last time.  I may actually get the hang of this yet.... it only too me two  I am also thinking I need to rethink my choice of eye shadow color.

I also tried out one of those bun making tools.  Seems to be working.  It will take some practice to get it done well, especially with hair the length of mine.

Nice to have my hair up off of my neck anyway.